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My name is Evelyn,

Thank you for visiting!!!

I created TrueColorsMall.us for Rick to stay motivated simply by copying and pasting pictures to refer visitors to reputable merchants' online websites.   United We Stand!

I search for Patriotic / Christian American shops to include on the website exactly as I did for articles to include emails at CSC to create a one-stop-shop for others to relax, browse and shop exactly like you would at your local mall.

We are requesting your support! 

  • Please consider us when making your next online purchase.

  • Please refer others.

  • If you have a suitable website, link to us.  We'll return the favor.

  • Bookmark TrueColorsMall.us and return often to see what's new.

We can't even begin to tell you how much this means to us!!!

Click Here to visit our mall.

While you're there, if you should find something that you like, feel free to buy it.  Every merchant is screened for reputability insuring that your purchase will be safe & secure.  Everyone there is highly recommended for prompt delivery, quality products and customer service.

If you should make a purchase, We'd like to say thank you in advance.  Rick will receive a referral credit for your purchase.

Our continued success depends on you, so please don't hesitate to contact us to assist you with anything... anytime.

Your Patronage is Appreciated!!

Evelyn Mundy


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