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My name is Evelyn

If you are reading chances are that my husband Rick or I somewhere on a bike trail. If so, the links that I promised you are towards the bottom of this page.

We purchased our trikes a year or two after Rick's stroke in 1994. It's too long of a story to tell here, but Rick was told that he may never walk again. Being the stubborn man that he is, in a fit of anger he returned his wheel chair in such a manner that I didn't have the nerve to ask for it back.

When I got home from work he was sitting in the living room crying. He said, “I did something really stupid. I took my wheelchair back and I can't even walk.”

I said, “Then you'll have to learn.”

I went to my mother's house to borrow her walker and made him use it. Then, I began searching for a mobility scooter, but a good one was so expensive. That combined with the doctor saying that he would have to use his leg or lose it, I purchased Rick a portable trike instead. (Now he has a scooter and a trike) I would tie his foot to the pedal and we would go for rides. (The owner of a local bike shop liked Rick and gave him an orphaned foot clip so Rick doesn't need me to tie his foot on anymore.) We would ride slowly and often stop to take breaks. I would fall over on my two wheeled bike by going so slow. So I decided to purchase one for me also. (Glad I did!!!)

Since then he has greatly improved the strength in his arm and leg. We have avidly ridden our trikes on scenic trails throughout the country. A couple of years ago we purchased the Electric Trike Conversion Kits for our trikes so that we could extend our riding distance knowing that we could return safely if his leg were to give our which it sometimes does.

Now Rick us es his trike to pull his dog trailer around the neighborhood to visit friends and run errands in place of his mobility scooter or car.  By using his variable speed control as a pedal assist it doubles as therapy to strengthen his legs. He enjoys working out while saving money.  People treat us differently than when he is on his mobility scooter. (Being much faster, more versatile, portable, and more durable, yet considerably cheaper, It becomes a lifestyle.)

These American Made” trikes are so well made that we have ridden ours hundreds (if not thousands) of miles over the last twenty years. However they still look and perform as if they are new. We have never had a break down or had an unpleasant experience in all that time. We have never performed maintenance of any kind although they were getting a little hard to pedal. We recently found out that is due to wear caused by not oiling the rear axle bearings.

Rather than repairing our trikes, we purchased two new three speed trikes with rear coaster brakes to tour the country visiting  scenic bike paths that offer senior citizen group tours.  We gave our old trikes to our daughter and her husband so they can join us.

I can't even begin to explain how much we love our trikes! Although they are great for seniors, the disabled and rehab, I would recommend them to everyone that enjoys the outdoors.

These trikes and kits are becoming VERY POPULARY due to high gas prices, health, fitness and environmental concerns.  You can purchase a completed electric trike, or simply purchase the trike and install the motor later using a kit that they offer to install on your own bike/trike like we did.  You may have to pre-order and wait in line, especially during the summer months.  (We feel that these trikes are so well made that they are definitely WORTH THE WAIT!!!)

Everywhere we go we are constantly being bombarded with questions about our electric trikes.  “Are they hard to pedal?” "Are they safe?"  "Are they reliable?"  "How fast do they go?"  "How far will they go?"  "Are they legal?"  "How much do they cost"  "Are they worth it?"  "Can I put a motor on my own bike?"  "Is it hard to do?" etc...  We sometimes spent so much time answering questions that we never got to ride.  

We still let people that we meet along the way to look at our trikes to get an idea.  However, now instead of spending time like a used car salesman when we'd rather be riding, we simply hand them our RicksPlace4Pooch business card leading them to one of our websites where they can click on a link to get here.

We love our portable, motorized trikes s-o-o much, answered so-o-o  many questions and and have recommended them so-o-o many times. They literally improved our lives. What more can we say?

Send us an email or call (217)502-9627 us with questions and comments.

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Our Old Trikes

Black hubs = motors ~ Coolers on back are adapted to hide battery, charger, controls etc...


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