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Rick has been disabled since 1994, and has been watching dogs for years.  As such he knows dogs, rehab and mobility equipment pretty well. 


  Dog Related

   Kong ball Kong  Ball

Durable high density rubber ball.  We have several in various sizes for dogs the like to play fetch.   


Varsity Balls

Varsity Ball - practically Indestructible  Used in zoos for lions, tigers & bears. - Details

  KONG Treat Dispenser

KONG Classic Wobbling Treat Dispenser - We stuff them with cut up dog treats.  Dogs love them. 

Mentally stimulating toy, KONG classic red rubber formula - Unpredictable bounce for games of fetch - Great for stuffing with treats - Recommended by veterinarians and trainers worldwide

   Paw Print Decals    Paw print decals

Peel and stick.  We installed one paw print in the bottom left corner of our cars.  Sends a message in a very suttle way.  Not gaudy at all.    

   Paw Print License Plate

Paw print Stainless Steel License Plate Frame

Tired of chrome plated pot metal frames pitting and discoloring is a year.  Gets expensive!  Am trying these stainless steel frames.  Satisfied so far however only time will tell.

Paw Print Earrings

Paw print ear rings

Love  'em!

   Paw Print Trailer Hitch Cover Paw print

We grew tired of our hitch covers disappearing.  So we purchased this steel cover that locks on.  Not too big or too small.  We love it!  

Male Dog Wrap Male wrap

One of the owners of a dog we watch had this on her male dog so he couldn't go potty on our funiture.  We love the idea so much that we purchased several in SM&L sizes that are machine washable along with compatible disposable absorbent pads.   



We watch a lot of dogs and our back yard proves it.  We get dead spots where they go when we let them out.  

When we see a dead spot appearing we simply get this out to go over the spot a time or two, plant seed and keep it moist.   

Light weight, easy to handle.


Dog Boarding  /  Day Care  /  Drop- in visits  /  Dog Walking  /  House Sitting


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Love dogs?  Get paid to play with them!

Fun & Easy!

 Excellent Opportunity for Seniors 

We enjoy the company as well as meeting the owners!    Details

Hoover Carpet Cleaner Hoover Carpet Cleaner

We can't afford to get our carpet cleaned every time that a dog has an accident. We own a commercial carpet cleaner.  However it is very heavy and cumbersome.  We only use it to deep clean once or twice a year. 

In the meantime we use our Hoover for a quick clean whenever a dog has an accident on the carpet or furniture.  Overall, for the cost we think that it does a very good job and is very easy and quick to use. 

Shark Rocket Shark Rocket Vacuum

We purchased one to clean all of the dog hair sofa and floors left behind from all of the dogs that we watch.  

We liked it so much that we purchased another.

Then for Christmas we bought two more, one for each daughter to clean the hair for their dogs.

It's light weight, never loses power, has a power pet brush for furniture, heads are easy to change, and costs much less than the battery powered units although in our opinion is every bit as good or better. - Details

Rehab / Mobility Products

Acorn Chair tair Lift   

Acorn Chair Stair Lift

We had a choice to make.  We had to sell our home that we've lived in almost 40 yrs and move or figure out a way for Rick to get downstairs. Out of desperation, we called Acorn.  They came out to install the lift.  We don't know the words to describe how much it has improved our lives and how much money we saved by getting to stay in our home!

 Dr. Shock Knee Brace

Dr. Shock Hinged Knee Brace

We used to go to a local pharmacy to get prescription braces for Rick.  One day out of curiosity, we typed in the product name and number in Amazon.  To our Amazement, exactly the same brace that we had been paying $200.00 for was only $40.00. (almost exactly the same as we paid for our insurance deductible) Then we noticed this sports brace and bought one to try.  It offered much grater stability than his prescription medical brace at a fraction of the cost.  Now this is his go to brace.  Rick loves it!  

Total Gym

Total Gym

Not same model that we bought 25 - 30 yrs ago.  However almost axactly the same except for decorations.

Good for everything they advertise and so much more!  Rick used uses it for therapy to do stretch exercises to increase flexibility and decrease back pain, squats, sit-ups, arm exercises that he never could otherwise.  

wonder arms

Wonder Arms

We use this while laying on our Total Gym (shown on left) strengthen our arms, shoulder and upper body.  Much easier than dumbbells or pushups.



Love them so much that after over 20 yrs we bought two higher priced models with motors.   (Read our testimonial)

Luggie Mobility Scooter

Luggie mobility scooter

Can't imagine going back to life without it!  (Read our testimonial)

Available at Amazon
Quiet Angels - The Rest of the Story   QUIET ANGELS ~ The Rest of the Story is a timeless easy to read book about Rick's Near Death Experience and his dogs that saved his life ~ HUMOROUS, INSPIRATIONAL       Read More

Available in Digital or Paperback

Dog are Quiet Angels that lift our feet when our wings forget how to fly."   - unknown



Two Button Folding Walker with 5" Wheels

After the doctor told me that I probably never improve, my wife got me a walker and made me use it.  I will never get well, however am now able to walk with the aid of the brace shown above and a foot brace.  Now I'm being told that it was her stubbornness that forced me to improve.   



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Rick's Recommendations