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We now offer dog-sitting services at Rover! 

Since you have a dog - or may know people who do - We want to invite you to save $20 on your first stay. Just head to Rick's profile and use the code below: 

PROFILE: https://www.rover.com/sit/place4pets

Coupon code: PLACE4PETS20

$20.00 OFF Dog owners who are new to Rover and redeem their Coupon Code get $20 off their first booking.*  Coupon code is only for new members that are introduced to Rover by using using my personal link and code. (Shown above) 


  1. we're personally not available for your travel dates, 

  2. we're not in your area, 

  3. or we don't offer your desired services, 

  4. Don't worry!  This code will save you $20 with any sitter on Rover, "The nations largest network of 5 star dog walkers"(Please feel free to share this with any other pet parents who might be interested!)

You can read more about us at http://www.emprints.com/Rick.htm or email us directly at EveRione@Hotmail.com if you have questions, concerns, wish to schedule a MEET & GREET, or just want to get to know us.

Best wishes, 

Evelyn & Rick (EveRione)

Rick's Place "4-a-VIPooch"                                      Dog Boarding / Day Care / Dog Walking / Drop-in Visits / House Sitting

Get $20 OFF Your First Booking

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Contact Us & enter Code PLACE4PETS20 at checkout


Fun - Easy Income

We enjoy the company as well as meeting the owners! 

Love dogs?  Get paid to play with them! 

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