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My name is Evelyn

If you are reading this, chances are that you met my husband Rick or we may have met on vacation somewhere.  Here are the information links promised to you.  You can click here.  However I encourage you to use the links at the bottom of this page.

Rick was a disabled greeter at Walmart on Freedom Dr. in Springfield, IL that periodically sat on his Luggie mobility scooter in the entrance of the store. As such he assisted a very large number of other seniors and disabled people that use the Walmart provided shopping scooters. He was asked about his Luggie scooter multiple times on a daily basis. Also Rick and I like to travel on tours with other seniors. He has demonstrated his scooter so many times in the store and on trips that we're surprised that it hasn't worn out.

Rick doesn't want to be rude and wants to help others, but doesn't want to keep demonstrating his Luggie.  He still lets people look at his Scooter to get an idea.  However, now instead of spending time like a salesman, he simply hands everyone a Busniess Card that has our mall url.  By clicking on the picture of the Luggie you arrive here where there are links to learn more, make a purchase and even contact us if desired.

We purchased his Luggie somewhere around 2010 after one of our daughters offered to rent Rick a mobility scooter while at the Grassmere Zoo in Nashville TN. When he refused she threw a fit saying that she was tired of him dragging behind, complaining and ruining everyone's day. She was right!

Now Rick uses his scooter everywhere that he goes. It's so small and lightweight that he can lift it into the back of his car by himself. Enabling him to work in such a large store.

This scooter is so well made that he has used it hundreds of times and it still looks and handles like brand new. Although the battery was said to last 2-3 years it has been well over five and he is still using his original and it does just fine.

I plan to retire soon and we will feel very comfortable wherever we go knowing that airlines, tour buses etc. have no problem with the Luggie.

Although the Luggie Mobility Scooter is great for seniors, the disabled and rehab, We recommend them to everyone that has trouble keeping up. We have answered so-o-o many questions and have recommended it so-o-o many times that we don't know what else to say. We can't even begin to explain how much we love his scooter!

Whomever invented the Luggie is a genius!

It has literally changed our lives!!!


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